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Presentation of « Stratégies Internationales Conseils » – English Version

texte avec globe« Think international, think future, think before other people. And do the same. »  Robert Maxwell

The purpose of « Stratégies Internationales Conseils » is to provide strategical advice to French corporations -such as SMEs- from all sectors which have the ambition of developing internationally and therefore which wish to understand not only the assets and stakes of the Internationalization process, but also the challenges inherent in the very decision of going international.

« Stratégies Internationales Conseils » is also capable, either of organizing and managing the sales campaigns of its customer brands from the personal consumer goods industry, or more simply, of putting into contact, via a status of Business Finder, the French brands wishing to go international with local partners on targeted markets.

Last but not least, « Stratégies Internationales Conseils » is also official partner of service companies which bring to brands efficient solutions covering such fields as communication, stock management, logistics, pricing strategy and delegation of their on-line presence.

Stratégies Internationales Conseils is also a member of the fashion expert network « Fashion Intelligence ».

The value proposal of Stratégies Internationales Conseils includes the following key words :

  • International multi-channel business development
  • International brand management
  • Business Finder on both ends of the supply chain : upstream (licencees, factories, freelance designers, etc.) and downstream (direct customers, agents, distributors, franchisees)
  • Assistance with international logistics
  • Elaboration of the export strategy and of the export action plan
  • Accompaniment of international legal negociations
  • Assistance with the technical exportation processesPresentation SIC GB 2016